Walk or Ride to Worship

This campaign encourage faith communities to walk, ride a bike or catch public transport to their religious or faith-based activities.
Walk or Ride to worship


You know it would be better for the environment if you walked, rode your bike or used public transport more, right? But it’s easier to hop in the car. It’s hard to change habits, especially without a community which is also making changes. But each time you change a habit, you start with one step and when it gives you satisfaction, you move to the next step and on it goes. Walk or Ride to Worship is a great place to take that first step.

Walk or Ride to Worship is a fun opportunity for people of all ages and mobilities to do something to care for the earth. You can do it as an individual, a household, or take the next step and get your religious community (place of worship, religious centre, small group, faith-based student group etc) involved. All that is involved in walking, riding or taking othr enviornmentally-friendly forms of transport to you religious or faith-based activities. Those who are unable to choose the more active transport modes might be able to consider sharing a lift or catching public transport. You can hold a Walk or Ride to Worship event any time that suits your group.

Along with people from dozens of other faith communities which join this habit-challenging event every year, your community could start making a difference to climate change and to the poor of the world who suffer most from it. In addition, your community will get a taste of all the personal benefits as well. You’ll find it makes a positive difference to your health, saves you money and slows your pace down from the usual rush! Blessing of the bikes in a Canberra parish 2012. To help encourage groups to hold a Walk or Ride to Worship day in their faith community, ARRCC has held a ‘Walk or Ride to Worship Week’ in October each year since 2010. In 2013, this was expanded to the whole month of October to provide flexibility for faith groups. Walk or Ride to Worship 2015 will be held in October. More info will be available a few months beforehand.

ARRCC would like to see more people of faith walking and cycling regularly throughout the year. This following pagescontains all the information and resources you need to take part in Walk or Ride to Worship, and to make cycling a part of your weekly routine or introduce another form of environmentally sustainable transport into regular activities.
• Why cycle? Learn about the many benefits of cycling
• Alternatives to cycling – walk, lift share, public transport etc
• Faith-based reflections – on walking and riding to worship from a variety of religious perspectives
• Make it work for worship- encouraging cycling in your religious community
• Engage local community – looking beyond your religious group
• FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions – answers to the most commonly asked questions about riding to worship.

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Group Leading this Campaign: Australian Religious Response to Climate Change

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Who this Campaign is Targeting: General public, faith communities

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Campaign Ran From: 2011 to 2024

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Outcome Evidence: No data was available on whether people more frequently walked or rode to worship

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Walk or Ride to Worship