Protecting Adelaide’s Trees

This campaign focuses on increasing and sustaining tree canopy cover in Adelaide, partly focusing on the climate change adaptation benefits of tree coverage.
To protect Adelaide trees


Adelaide is losing its significant, regulated and mature trees at an alarming rate.
The evidence is clear: big trees improve our health and wellbeing, increase property values, and reduce the build-up and trapping of heat. They are arguably the single best infrastructure investment to prepare our streets and suburbs for a changing climate.

While Councils and communities are working hard to plant new trees, there is not enough available space on public land to replace what we are losing from people’s backyards. And it will take many years for a newly planted tree to provide similar benefits to one that is mature.

There is no city-wide, comprehensive data on the scale of the loss, but the research in this report indicates somewhere between a 1–6% reduction in tree canopy (depending on the area and the timeframe).

We need to act – and act quickly – before it’s too late.

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Group Leading this Campaign: Conservation Council of South Australia

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Who this Campaign is Targeting: South Australian ministers

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Campaign Ran From: 2020 to 2024

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Protecting Adelaide’s Trees