Our majestic Kimberley

This campaign aimed to protect the Kimberley from large scale industrial development.
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The Kimberley region is internationally recognised for its unspoilt marine, coastal and inland environments including islands, coral reefs, mangroves, rainforests, rangelands and rivers. Industrial developments like a gas hub and unconventional gas fracking threaten these marine, coastal and inland areas. “One of our priorities is protection of the Kimberley which I think is WA’s greatest responsibility environmentally.” [Premier Colin Barnett quoted in The West Australian, 4 September 2010]

The Kimberley also has outstanding cultural values as a result of over 50,000 years of Indigenous settlement. At least 36 local languages are spoken, and Indigenous people in many areas retain significant environmental knowledge and land management skills. The region’s ruggedness and isolation have protected it to some extent from human impact and as a result has outstanding natural values. But the unspoilt wilderness is currently under threat from large scale industrial development. See CCWA affiliate group Environs Kimberley and our campaign The Kimberley, Like Nowhere Else, for more information and to get involved.

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Group Leading this Campaign: Conservation Council of Western Australia

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Campaign Ran From: 2016 to 2017

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Our majestic Kimberley