Office of National Intelligence (ONI) climate-risk assessment

DCAN has been campaigning to make the ONI climate-risk assessment public.
To have the ONI climate risk assessment made public


The Federal Government has been true to its word and completed a national climate risk assessment promised in the lead-up to the last election. It is highly likely that the report will have concluded that the worsening climate crisis presents a grave, and potentially existential, threat to society and human security. The problem is that only a few Cabinet Ministers have been privy to the report. Such a report is critically important for government and agency planning and needs to be publicly released. Unfortunately, despite national media coverage and pressure from climate groups, including DCAN, the report remains behind closed doors.

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Group Leading this Campaign: Darebin Climate Action Now

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Who this Campaign is Targeting: Federal government|Office of National Intelligence

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Campaign Ran From: 2023 to 2023

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Office of National Intelligence (ONI) climate-risk assessment