Middle Arm development precinct & the Beetaloo Basin

This is DCAN's branch of the campaign against Middle Arm development in NT.
To stop the development of the Middle Arm industrial precinct in NT.


DCAN was shocked to learn in July that the Federal Government was planning to go ahead with a $1.5 billion taxpayer-funded subsidy to support development of the Middle Arm industrial precinct in the Northern Territory.

The development precinct will be a major manufacturing hub for gas, petrochemicals, hydrogen and minerals which will pave the way for fracking of the Beetaloo Basin. The Beetaloo Basin is estimated to hold a massive 500 trillion cubic metres of gas. If it goes ahead, it will increase Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by 22%, putting beyond reach any hope of zero carbon by 2050.

DCAN joined in the campaign of writing emails and making telephone calls to Senators and our local MP and were heartened when the Senate finally agreed to an inquiry into the Middle Arm development despite twice voting against it. This was a major win for climate campaigners and shows that successful pressure can be brought to bear by emails, letters and phone calls to politicians.

DCAN is currently campaigning for an urgent amendment to the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act to add shale and tight gas to the water trigger. This would allow the Minister for the Environment to rule against fracking proposals such as Beetaloo.

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Group Leading this Campaign: Darebin Climate Action Now

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Who this Campaign is Targeting: Senators and local MP (Ged Kearny)

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Campaign Ran From: 2023 to 2023

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Middle Arm development precinct & the Beetaloo Basin