Getting off gas

DCAN has been campaigning on getting off gas in Victoria.
To have a gas free Victoria.


Getting off gas was a key priority area for DCAN this year and remains one for the foreseeable future due to the high number of new and expanded projects currently under consideration by the government. DCAN is an active member of the Beyond Gas Network which focuses on national issues and Gas Free Victoria which is state focussed. In April we met with newly elected Nathan Lambert, MP for Preston, and Kat Theophanous, MP for Northcote, to talk about state policies on gas. We presented them with the Community Gas Retirement Road Map prepared by Friends of the Earth after extensive community consultation. The Road Map is packed with information about gas production and use, along with tips for the Government and householders to switch off gas by 2035.

In July we received the very welcome news that Minister Lily D’Ambrosio had announced a ban on gas connections for all new private residential buildings, making them all-electric. This is something that DCAN has been strongly pushing for in meetings with the Minister and Kat Theophanous. We also welcomed additional announcements by the Minister that future state government buildings will also be gas free. There is of course still much to do, including banning gas for all new developments.

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Group Leading this Campaign: Darebin Climate Action Now

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Who this Campaign is Targeting: Victorian Government|Nathan Lambert, MP for Preston, and Kat Theophanous, MP for Northcote

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Campaign Ran From: 2023 to 2023

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Getting off gas