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Independent testing has found potentially harmful nanoparticles in a range of food products.
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NANOPARTICLES FOUND IN COMMON FOOD PRODUCTS: Independent testing has found potentially harmful nanoparticles in a range of food products.

• What will be the future of food? The global pandemic has exposed the flaws in our current highly concentrated, inequitable, industrial food system. At this moment, we stand at the crossroads with two starkly different, and fundamentally incompatible, visions for the future of food. One leads us to…
• Feral cats aren’t the biggest threat to our native wildlife: A new study by the Northern Territory Government’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) suggests that feral cats aren’t as great a menace to the Top End’s native mammals as previously thought. The study comes as the Federal Government conducts an…
• ‘Miracle cows’ highlight risks of gene editing: They were the poster children of the gene editing revolution. In 2014, the US company Recombinetics announced they had developed gene edited hornless dairy cattle. They argued that the genetic modification was just a small genetic ‘tweak’ and that their cattle…
• Geoengineering threatens Oceans: High-risk geoengineering projects are violating UN moratoria Members of a global coalition of 195 organisations in 45 countries are raising the alarm about the threat of geoengineering to delicate, life-sustaining ocean ecosystems worldwide. The Hands Off Mother Earth…
• What will the future of our food look like? Last weekend, I attended an expert roundtable on food security hosted by the Commission for the Human Future. Everyone was in broad agreement that our current agricultural system is in crisis. Decades of intensive agriculture are eroding our soils, drawing down our…

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