Climate Campaign AP4C

This was a "parent-powered climate action campaign" ahead of the 2022 federal election, targeting federal candidates/politicians. Among other actions, supporters in the ACT were asked to email their local candidates to "support Australian Parents for Climate Action’s Solar Our Schools policy initiative - which, asks the federal and state governments to work together to provide solar and batteries on all schools and early childhood centres around Australia."
Shift the politics toward positive solutions that help secure a safe climate for all children


Australia is falling behind the world in seizing the opportunities that come with strong climate action. Now, with a federal election looming, mums, dads, grandparents and carers have a big opportunity to make climate change a top issue for Australia. 

Watch the Australian Parents for Climate Action Campaign Launch and get empowered to maximise your impact to secure big opportunities for Australia and a safe climate for our kids. Our panel includes Saffron Zomer, Executive Director of the Australian Democracy Network, Dr Rebecca Huntley, author, researcher on social trends and Chair of the Australian Parents for Climate Action Advisory Group, and Nic Seton, CEO of Australian Parents for Climate Action. The event will be hosted by Marie Carvolth, Co-founder and Board Chair of Australian Parents for Climate Action. These expert speakers Share our people-powered strategy to boost the importance of climate action ahead of the electionUnpack how democracy works, and how we can shape itReveal why parents are trusted messengers, and why parents are so important in creating climate actionEquip every attendee with the means to make a difference right nowAnd launch our parent-powered climate action campaign election with case studies from parent climate champions.

Take action now! Jump over to our new MP letter writing tool! Your voice is powerful. Politicians want your support right now. And if we all speak up and make ourselves heard, we can shift the politics toward positive solutions that help secure a safe climate for all children.

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Group Leading this Campaign: Australian Parents 4 Climate Action

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Campaign Ran From: 2022 to 2023

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Climate Campaign AP4C