This Green Music campaign aims to get five of Australia’s leading music festivals to ditch disposables and go plastic bottle free.
Get five of Australia’s leading music festivals to ditch disposables and go plastic bottle free


Australian festivals and live music venues are leading the way to a greener music scene free from disposable plastics. These festivals and venues have jumped on board our BYO Bottle campaign and reduced or eliminated single use plastic waste.

We’ve just launched an exciting push to get five of Australia’s leading music festivals to ditch disposables and go plastic bottle free – can you SIGN OUR OPEN LETTER today? We’ve chosen these five festivals carefully. Byron Bay Bluesfest, The Falls, Groovin the Moo, Laneway and Splendour in the Grass are all very big festivals with a major impact. But they’re also all thoughtful members of our music scene. We’re in conversation with all of them already, and we believe that each of them, in their own way, is getting ready to move. But, for a huge event, it’s a big and somewhat confronting step to choose to go plastic bottle free. They need support and encouragement from artists and from punters, reassuring them that we’ll back their move, that we want them to do it! These festivals recognise the horrible impact on the environment from throw-away plastic bottles. They’ve seen the photos of dead birds, as we all have. They’ve grappled with the vast piles of rubbish. They know they have to act. They’ve seen the leadership of festivals like Caloundra Music Festival, Illawarra, Woodford and THE PLOT. And they’re willing to follow suit. As long as we help. We’re asking them to do something pretty big. But what we’re asking you to do is super easy. All you need to do is sign the open letter!

Green Music Australia is working with festivals and live music venues to implement sustainable waste solutions and cut unnecessary and environmentally destructive disposable plastic water bottles. Find out more about our campaign here. We’re already having a big impact, and can’t wait to scale things up, but need your help. Are you ready to go disposable plastic bottle free?

Becoming a BYO Bottle Festival or Venue. With all the help you need from our team, you can cut plastic waste from your festival or venue and go #BYObottle. Some of the ways we’re able to help out are by:
– Developing communications that tell punters, artists, crew and staff about the BYObottle initiative;
– Sourcing reusable bottles to sell or give away to people who forget to BYO;
– Connecting you to innovative services like water refilling stations that track how much
– H2O’s been drunk, or reusable bottle and cup hire with onsite dishwashing;
– Publicising your achievements to the press and through our website to spread the word;
– And much more.

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Campaign Ran From: 2016 to 2024

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Outcome Evidence: As stated on website '3 of the 5 festivals targeted have pledged'. Sourced 6/3/2022 from 3 of the 5 festivals targeted have pledged

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