Bank and Super Divestment Campaign

TweedCAN has facilitated the installation of 1000’s solar panels, encouraged Divestment, provided information, written submissions to government reports and driven lasting community initiatives in sustainability and resilience


2006-2014 Highlights:
– 400 Rooftop solar systems
– 6 large Solar systems on community buildings
– Caldera Economic Transition Plan
– Helped initiate farmers markets
– Helped initiate BUG bike group
– 2 Community gardens
– Developed and delivered a Primary School Pac
– Bank and Super Divestment campaign
– Organised Rallies, market stalls, grants, information, expert speakers, film nights, fund raising and liaison with local council and other groups.

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Campaign Details

Group Leading this Campaign: Tweed Climate Action Now

Campaign Target Type:

Who this Campaign is Targeting: Banks and superannuation (pension) funds

Main Issue of the Campaign:

Campaign Ran From: 2006 to 2021

Campaign Outcome:

Outcome Evidence: Some Banks and Superannuation funds have divested, but not all. As stated on the Market Forces website 'ANZ: $13,978m: loaned to fossil fuels globally since 2016.' Sourced 11/4/2022 from An updated list is available at

Year Outcome Assessed:

Geographic Range of Activity:


Bank and Super Divestment Campaign