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Beards On's is a national group whose goal is to encourage men to grow a beard and start a conversation about conservation.


Established in 2014, BeardsOn for Conservation is an Australian based, Not For Profit environmental organisation. Our goal is to encourage men to grow a beard and start a conversation about conservation. Grow something great, leave something greater is our motto. The annual BeardsOn Challenge takes place during Winter June 1st to August 31st. Get behind this great cause and grow a beard in winter. There’s never been a better time or excuse to get growing!

Our History
BeardsOn for Conservation was created by founders James StantonCooke and Jessica Clarke whilst working on conservation projects in the Bolivian Amazon Basin on private property owned by Rosamaria Ruiz Madidi Travel. James had a big travellers beard that drew attention and allowed to start a conversation about conservation. Jessica would say “it’s a beard to support conservation” and from that point onwards BeardsOn for Conservation seed was sown.

Our Vision
To tackle deforestation, the climate crisis and conservation one beard at a time.

Our Mission
To have as many men taking part in The BeardsOn Challenge and go HalfCut at the end of the challenge making a statement about the current crisis that the world’s forests are facing. To make an ever lasting impact on the face of the planet, supporting conservation, habitat for wildlife and green spaces for future generations.

Why Take Part
– Every second 12 football fields 12 acres of forests are cut down
– The global tree count has fallen by 48 since the dawn of human civilisation
– 15 billion trees each year are cut down
– Half of the worlds tropical forests have already been cleared
– The number of wild animals on Earth has halved in the past 40 years
– Every decade another 10 of remaining wildlife will become extinct
– One tree can absorb as much carbon in a year as a one car produces while travelling 26,000 miles
– Over the course tree’s life, a single tree can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide
– In the US alone over 2,000,000,000 2 Billion razor blades end up in environmentally damaging landfill and our oceans. Most plastics have a life cycle of between 50 500 years. Save yourself money, and help reduce populating waste.

Men Stepping Up
All men have the potential to be both great role models and leaders in the work place, sporting arena, amongst their peers and family. We want all men to be advocates for the environment and help give back, by taking part in something that is easy, effortless and organic. We want all men part of the solutions. This campaign is not just for men. Women and children can nominate, or donate to a male in their life partner, dad, grandfather, uncle, brother, best mate to take on the BeardsOn challenge.

Our Story
Here is our timeline of what we have achieved, join our journey in helping to keep the future green.
– 2014: A seedling, BeardsOn’s first 90 Day Challenge raising $5,000 with 17 growers. Supporting a broad range of groups each with a $1,000 donation. Regen Regrowth festival $1000, Bob Brown Foundation $1000, Battle for the Tarkine $1000, Defend the Tarkine $1000, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary $1000
– 2015: Starting to germinate! Supporting Landcare Australia raising over $15,000 with 52 growers in the BeardsOn Challenge that saw 10,000 native trees planted at Bundanon Trust, South Nowra NSW. Totals $20,000
– 2016: BeardsOn raised $32,000 with 87 growers providing grants for schools, community groups and organisations for tree planting projects and launched our Trees for Bees program. Totals $52,000. Awardees Pennant Hills High School, NSW $600 seeing 300 native trees to revegetate a garden quad and installation of native stingless bee hive. Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, TAS $750 seeing 3,000 native grasses planted Poa labillardierei and Poa sieberana at the sanctuary. Conservation and Duffys Forest Residents Association, NSW $1,000 seeing 500 native trees restoring the fence line at Waratah ParkBob Brown Foundation, TAS $1,000 for Paul Thomas’ HalfCut Challenge Rainforest Trust Australia Australian Rainforest Foundation , QLD $10,000 seeing 5,000 native trees at Barrine Park Nature Refuge in the Atherton Tablelands. Rainforest Trust Australia Australian Rainforest Foundation , QLD $15,000 seeing $7,500 native trees at Rewilding Emerald Waters, Diwan Daintree.
– 2017: Partnered with Rainforest Trust Australia raising $47,000 with 106 growers and launched our HalfCut Challenge. Tree planting sites Totals $99,000 Rewilding Emerald Waters, Diwan Daintree, QLD. $32,000 Barrine Park Nature Refuge in the Atherton Tablelands, QLD. $10,000 Brettacorp Inc Tully, QLD. $5,000
– 2018: This part of history is yet to be written and we are protecting rainforests in Australia and globally with partners Rainforest Trust Australia. Come grow something great with us to ensure that we leave something greater.

Getting Started: Commit to growing something great be a grower and grow for growth, set yourself a fundraising goal and start spreading the word.
START A TEAM: Be a leader and start a BeardsOn team by encouraging others around you your business, colleagues, sporting club, university or school to sign up or support you by donating.
RAISE AWARENESS: Wear your beard proudly even if its just starting out, you will be shocked how your beard looks just after 92 days. Click on the resources page to download BeardsOn flyers and posters for your workplace or contact us. resources page to download BeardsOn flyers and posters for your workplace or contact us.
SUPPORT US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Update your social accounts showing off your beard image or video beardson. Take a selfie every day either a photo or video, and at the end of your challenge create a timelapse of your beard growing journey. This is epic!

Where The Funds Go
We are in partnership with Rainforest Trust Australia. The majority of our tree planting efforts are on properties RTA own, returning the land back into rainforests. Every $2.50 donated helps protect and acre of rainforest globally. This is matched $1 for $1 for our goal of saving 50 million acres 20,234,282 hectares. Ready to get started?

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