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Banyule Climate Action Now (BCAN) is based in the City of Banyule, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


This is the website for the climate action group Banyule Climate Action Now (BCAN) that is based in the City of Banyule, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, noting that the City of Banyule has recently joined numerous cities around the world in declaring a Climate Emergency.

BCAN was formerly Banyule Climate Action Network that in turn had transmuted from the Yarra Valley Climate Action Group that operated for many years in this part of Melbourne (“Yarra Valley Climate Action Group”: ). The formal statement of purpose of BCAN Inc is as follows: “The purposes of the association are to initiate and support action now to reduce the anthropogenic impacts of industrialization on Earth’s climate, and to protect this through education and other legitimate activism , with particular focus on the City of Banyule in Melbourne”, BCAN (present secretary Dr Gideon Polya) enables its members and associates to be kept up to date about climate change-related developments, meetings, talks, petitions , and rallies (e.g. the 150,000-strong School Strike-sponsored rally in Melbourne on 20 September 2019).

The urgency of climate action now is well expressed by famed theoretical physicist and cosmologist, the late Professor Stephen Hawking of the 118-Nobel-Laureate University of Cambridge, and a member of board of sponsors of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (2007, 2018): “We foresee great peril if governments and societies do not take action now to render nuclear weapons obsolete and to prevent further climate change” (Will Dunham, “Nuclear, climate perils push Doomsday Clock ahead”, Reuters, 22 January 2007: and Stephen Hawking, “Brief Answers to the Big Questions”, John Murray, 2018, Chapter 7).

The commonality of BCAN’s name, BCAN’s formal statement of purpose, and of Professor Hawking’s plea is “ACTION NOW”. The BCAN website provides a science-based resource on the worsening Climate Emergency for concerned citizens around the world . BCAN provides numerically- and alphabetically-organized climate change analyses in the interests of public education and climate action NOW. BIG NEW CLIMATE ACTION BOOK BY BCAN MEMBER: for a detailed account of the Climate Crisis, the worsening Climate Genocide en route to a sustainable human population in 2100 of only 1 billion people, and how in 38 key ways Humanity must urgently address this existential threat see Gideon Polya, “Climate Crisis, Climate Genocide & Solutions”, 846 pages, Korsgaard Publishing, Germany , 2021: . In addition to a Preface, a detailed, layperson-directed Introduction, and an Epilogue summarizing 38 key Solutions, the book has 28 detailed and documented Chapters grouped in 8 Sections A to H.

Introduction: Climate Change, Biochemistry & Solutions Course Notes
A: Climate Crisis, Climate Emergency & Biodiversity Catastrophe
B: Drought, Flood, Fire, Storm, Sea Surge, Heat & Water Crises
C: Existential Threat, 2100 Carrying Capacity, Climate Holocaust & Climate Genocide
D: Gas is Dirty Energy, Gas Is Dirtier Than Coal GHG-Wise & Arctic Methane Bomb
E: Carbon Price, Carbon Tax, Carbon Debt, Terminal Carbon Budget, Eco-Socialism Not Neoliberalism
F: Case study #1– Climate Criminal Australia Threatens Planet
G: Case Study #2 – Climate Criminal & Exceptionalist America Threatens Humanity
H: Solutions – Truth, Social Humanism, Carbon Price, Accountability, Draw-Down To 300 ppm CO2, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Re-Afforestation, Population Control, Economic De-Growth & Biological Sustainability
Epilogue – Summary of Solutions.
38 key actions are summarized below under 10 headings:
(1). Science not spin, zero tolerance for lying, and social humanism not neoliberalism.
(2). Exactly accounted Carbon Price and Carbon Tax, species and ecosystems are priceless, and unsustainable human behaviour must be modified.
(3). Resolute threat to punish climate criminals for speciescide, ecocide, inaction and intergenerational injustice through ignoring inescapable Carbon Debt.
(4). Cease CO2 and CH4 carbon pollution, gas leaks and is dirtier than coal GHG-wise, bioengineering, and stop toxic air pollution, with atmospheric CO2 draw-down to a safe and sustainable level of circa 300 ppm CO2 –
(5). 100% renewable energy ASAP with adequate energy storage and efficient DC and AC HV electrical transmission grids.
(6). Energy efficiency, transport efficiency, rail not road, locally grown food, vegetarian diet, building thermal efficiency, clean steel, and hydrogen economy.
(7). Re-afforestation, address increased catastrophic forest fires, and mitigation of forest fire risk .
(8). Population control necessity and possible mechanisms (some controversial) for population de-growth.
(9). Economic de-growth, equity, a sustainable decent existence for everyone, and a non-violent Climate Revolution now.
(10). Biological sustainability, cessation of speciescide and ecocide, and punishment of the destroyers of the Biosphere.
Some useful compendia about climate change information, requisite actions & expert opinions:
“1% ON 1%: one percent annual wealth tax on One Percenters”: .
“2011 climate change course”: . . .
“ – return atmosphere CO2 to 300 ppm CO2”:—return-atmosphere-co2-to-300-ppm .
“Carbon Debt Carbon Credit”: .
“Climate Revolution Now”: .
“Cut carbon emissions 80% by 2020”: .
“100% renewable energy by 2020”: .
“Climate Genocide”: .
“Gas is not clean energy”: .
“Biofuel Genocide”: .
“Divest from fossil fuels”: .
“Climate Justice & Intergenerational Equity”: .
“Science & economics experts: Carbon Tax needed NOT Carbon Trading”: .“Stop climate crime”: .
“Stop air pollution deaths”:
“Are we doomed?”: .
“Methane Bomb Threat”: .
“Punish climate criminals”: .
“Nuclear weapons ban, end poverty and reverse climate change”: .
“Too late to avoid global warming catastrophe”: .
“Yarra Valley Climate Action Group”: .
Please inform everyone you can. There is no Planet B.

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