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The AEGN was established in 2008 by a handful of passionate members. Today, we’ve grown to be one of Australia’s most respected and effective philanthropy networks.


The AEGN was established in 2008 by a handful of passionate members. Today, we’ve grown to be one of Australia’s most respected and effective philanthropy networks. We act to protect our land, restore a safe climate and support the natural world to sustain our children and the generations to come. Our vision is a world where people and nature thrive. Our new strategic plan charts a course to make this vision a reality — and there’s no time to lose. We are living through the most critical decade for the planet, and what we do now matters more than at any other time in history. Here in Australia, with floods, fires and droughts devastating our communities and the places we love, we know we’re rapidly reaching the point of no return for our country and the planet. As a vibrant and active network of 180+ funders, we have what it takes to protect our precious environment. But we need all hands on deck. For our natural world, for a safe climate, it’s now or never. The challenge: transformation, now

Australia must reduce our carbon pollution by up to 75 per cent by 2030 if the world is to have a chance of keeping warming to 1.5 degrees. At least 30 per cent of our land and sea must be permanently protected to restore the web of life that sustains us. Meanwhile, public funding for environmental protection in Australia has drastically reduced at a time when our ecological systems face collapse and the threats to our rivers, forests, woodlands and oceans have increased. Climate funding still makes up only around 2 per cent of global giving, and it is dwarfed by the money and influence of vested interests. And while some progress has been made, much needs to be done to properly resource Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to care for their lands and seas as they have done for millennia. Yet the solutions exist. In the face of these challenges, we need to give not only more, but more effectively.

Escalating challenges, rising ambition
– Purpose: Our new strategic plan details ambitious goals commensurate with the threats we face, and a series of bold initiatives to realise our vision. Our ultimate purpose? To avert catastrophe and create a better world.
– Power: Our plan is powerful because our members helped us create it. You told us you’re ready to rise to this critical moment, to give more and give smarter to catalyse decisive action — and this is where the AEGN plays a crucial role. As Australia’s peak membership organisation for environment and climate philanthropy, we are uniquely positioned to channel our members’ passion, energy and commitment into a positive force for the planet.
– Presence: Our members have a collective corpus of more than $2 billion and are connected to decision makers across Australia in business, government and community. It’s time to draw on our collective strength — intellectual, financial and social — to take our impact to the next level.

Our new strategy = maximum impact
To ward off the worst of the climate and biodiversity crises, philanthropists have a vital role to play in remaking economic, political and social systems at all levels, from local to global. It’s an enormous challenge, but nothing short of systemic change will deliver us a carbon-neutral future where nature in all its forms is valued and protected. As we enter this critical decade for action, our new strategy focuses on growing our network and harnessing our members’ resources and influence in even more effective ways.

We will do this in partnership with our members and other organisations and individuals by:
– growing the amount and impact of giving to climate and the environment;
– growing our profile and influence to be the go-to organisation for environmental giving; and
– further strengthening our trusted, connected and respected organisation.

Find out more about our goals and how we plan to achieve them.

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