2030Yea: Community Energy

2030Yea Community Energy is a local community group focussed on renewable energy in Yea, VIC.


2030Yea Community Energy emerged from the Yea Community Planning Process facilitated by Murrindindi Shire Council in 2019.

The result of the planning process was 100+ suggestions! These were whittled down to 11 projects, one of which was to ‘Develop a microgrid for Yea’. A group of four volunteers took on the project and broadened the vision to ‘100% renewable energy for Yea by 2030’. Our first meeting was held in February 2020 and by May 2020, we had incorporated and filled committee positions. Dr Helen Haines, the Federal member for Indi, officially launched 2030Yea Community Energy at a renewables workshop conducted via Zoom on the 28 May, 2020. We were off and running! Our committee has evolved over time, and we have extended how we communicate and collaborate with others. These are our achievements so far. (sourced 6/9/2022 from website https://2030yea.com.au/about/)

Welcome to 2030Yea Community Energy. 2030Yea Community Energy is a community group dedicated to greater resilience in the face of Climate Change and independence in Yea’s power generation. 2030Yea Community Energy’s ambition is for Yea to be using 100% renewable energy to meet its power requirements by 2030. We aim to achieve this by:
increasing solar PV and battery uptake in Yea and surrounding areas
encouraging energy efficiency, and
planning for community energy.

The good news is the renewables world is expanding and organisations like our own 2030Yea are springing up around the country, all contributing to the challenge ahead of transforming the way we generate power and reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

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