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Transition Towns Maroondah is part of a worldwide movement where communities recognise that we live in unprecedented times, where the health of our planet, our ecosystems, and humans (including future generations) are at great risk due to climate change, dwindling biodiversity, and shrinking supplies of cheap energy (especially oil). Based in VIC.
MaCCA was formed in early 2007 by residents of Maroondah who believe not enough is being done in Australia to combat dangerous climate change. MaCCA is our response to the urgent need for immediate action, to make swift and significant cuts to our greenhouse gas emissions.
Extinction Rebellion Eastside is a Local Group of Extinction Rebellion Victoria. The climate and ecological crisis is a serious and escalating problem and requires mass action. Change will only come when we join together and raise our voices.
‚ÄčEastern Climate Action Melbourne (ECAM) is a community group of like-minded people who are passionate about restoring our world to good health and have a planet where the most dangerous impacts of climate change have been avoided.
Baby Boomers for Climate Change Action aims to mitigate climate change through a rapid switch to renewable energy and a rapid decrease in fossil fuel export, and to leave a beautiful and liveable planet for future people.