Help make the climate movement stronger by participating in the 2024 Movement Monitor survey

Are you currently involved in an Australian climate action group, organisation or project? We want to hear from your group in our latest climate movement survey!

Building on results from Sunrise Project’s 2022 Australian Movement Map survey, we’ll be gathering vital information about the strengths, challenges and activities of the Australian climate movement through our 2024 Movement Monitor survey.

Through the survey you’ll have the opportunity to tell us about your group, what you’re working on, how you work with others, what resources you have available, and any challenges you’re currently facing. This will give us a clear picture of the movement’s focus, skills, strengths and any potential gaps we need to address.

Participate in the 2024 Climate Movement Survey

  • Who should participate? Australian-based climate action groups, organisations and projects (one survey response per group)
  • When should we participate? The survey will be open until Tuesday 30th April
  • How do we participate? Follow this link to the SurveyMonkey page.
  • Need some help? Contact Sophie on [email protected]

How to take the survey

The survey is hosted through the Survey Monkey platform.

The 2024 Movement Monitor survey is designed to gather information about your group/organisation, the campaigns you are involved in, and how you connect with others in the climate movement.

The survey will be open until Tuesday 30th April.

  • One survey should be completed per organisation/group so you may need to pick one person to respond on behalf of the organisation and consult with others to gather the information for each question.
  • If an organisation has multiple sub-groups, these groups can complete the survey separately, if in doubt please contact us for more information.
  • Some organisations may be able to complete the survey in around 30 minutes. Others may take longer and/or require time to consult internally to gather information before completing the survey.
  • You can download a PDF copy of the questions here to prepare your responses before completing the survey. You can also save the survey and return to complete it at a later date.

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What did we learn from the 2022 survey?

These surveys are a vital resource to help us build a stronger, more aligned, more strategic climate movement. We learnt a lot from the 2022 survey about how groups are working together and what challenges they’re facing.

A few key take aways were: 

  • Groups were claiming important wins in support for renewables (43% of groups) and stopping fossil fuels (41%)
  • There were a lot of groups working on lobbying (59%), coalition building & networking (72%) and digital advocacy (69%), but fewer on tactics such as civil disobedience (6%) and litigation (9%)
  • Staff and volunteer burnout was highlighted as a major challenge for individual organisations
  • A lack of diversity was highlighted as a major challenge for the movement

We’ll share our findings from the 2024 survey (along with the rest of our Movement Monitor analysis) with the climate movement mid-2024. The more groups who participate in our 2024 survey the more accurate and valuable our data will be. 

My group has limited resources to participate

We understand that smaller groups without paid staff members may have greater challenges in completing the survey.

A $100 voucher is available to support groups with limited resources to complete this survey. These stipends are available to unfunded, volunteer groups. One stipend is available per organisation/group. If a stipend would assist your organisation in completing the survey please reach out to us at [email protected]

Participate in the 2024 Climate Movement Survey