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We fought a hard fight against Gunns in stopping their proposed pulp mill – and won. Gunns is an example of what we can do together for our wilderness as we stand up against unsustainable businesses.
While the TCT’s goal is to stop the mill rather than bring down a company, this certainly has deterred any other investor from coming forward.
Part of the Transition movement, based in TAS. Bringing people together to build stronger communities and a sustainable future. Transition is a local, community-inspired, creative and ever evolving, place- specific/relevant and ‘bottom-up’ movement for change.
The George River is the largest river that flows off Tasmania's east coast. With a total length of approximately 50 km the George rises on the slopes of Mt's. Albert and Victoria, Rattler Range, Star of Peace and the Blue Tier and flows into Georges Bay just north of St. Helens.
We are Extinction Rebellion Northern Tasmania. We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. Life on earth is in crisis: we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown, and we are in the midst of a mass extinction. Join us to act now.