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Saved, Alexandria Point - In 2011 campaign by Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast branch stops a one kilometre seawall proposal.
SCEC sees great potential for a Container Deposit Scheme on the Sunshine Coast, and is working with the Boomerang Alliance and other community groups on the Cash 4 Containers campaign to raise public awareness about litter pollution and the need for urgent action!
You can type you message and add a photo but a video message would be even more powerful, just get out your smart phone or webcam and get creative.
The Climate Action campaign is an initiative by SCEC focused on broadening Sunshine Coast residents’ awareness of climate change issues, and encouraging them to become involved in climate action to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions
As the impacts of climate change start to be felt coastal communities around the globe will have to make difficult decisions about how to manage shorelines and at what cost homes and community facilities should be protected or whether other responses might be more appropriate.