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To promote composting in the community, YCAN is offering free plaques to be displayed outside your home.
We aim to strengthen Council’s commitments to environmentally sustainable plans for buildings, precincts, transport and so on. We’ve learned a lot about the process of local government. At this level of government we can make ourselves heard.
YES to Public Transport | NO to East West Toll Road... Contact YCAN and become involved with our anti-toll road actions, such as stalls to raise public awareness and distribution of information. Contact your local State politician and let them know that you support public transport and oppose the East-West Toll Road.
Yarra Community Solar will result in the local production of zero emissions renewable energy. It will also give people in Yarra who can’t install solar panels on their own rooves (renters, those who live in apartment blocks, those with an unsuitable roof etc.) the opportunity to benefit from the switch to solar power.
Yarra Climate Action Now is a community group based in inner-city Melbourne (VIC) made up of individuals who are concerned about climate change.