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Fortnightly film nights followed by discussions. Visions including energy descent for schools, business district, etc. Based in SA.
Transition Adelaide Hills (SA) is a grassroots group of passionate people, dedicated to building a resilient, sustainable, healthy and inclusive community. Part of the Transition Movement.
We are a group of concerned citizens who have decided to do whatever we can to avert looming climate, environmental, ecological and social crises. We live in the Adelaide hills. We are always keen to have new members, come and join us!
Our group's mission is to encourage and support the community to achieve the conservation of the Fleurieu's biodiverse natural environment, as well as promote and increase knowledge of the importance of our Natural Resources and the management of environmental issues within the community.
Adelaide Hills Climate Action Group are a group of concerned citizens that have come together to take a stand on climate change in Adelaide Hills, South Australia.