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This legal campaign challenges the Queensland government’s approval of an environmental authority for this project.
This campaign opposed the Central Queensland Coal project.
Mackay Conservation Group released a report last week which shows that tens of millions of taxpayer’s dollars will be wasted if the proposed Urannah Dam west of Mackay goes ahead.
Following the Jan-Feb 2008 floods in the upper Nogoa River, levee banks at Ensham Mine, 35km east of Emerald, were overtopped and river water flooded into open cut pits at the mine... The TWG has now changed into the Fitzroy Water Quality Advisory Group (FWQAG) which will help manage water quality issues in the Fitzroy River basin. Our main role is to ensure that the recommendations of the two reports, etc, are implemented fully and not buried by the bureaucracy.
CCC totally supports the prohibition of vehicles from the Orange Bowl and the Willies Creek area. Driving into the Orange Bowl and surrounding dunes by four wheel driving hoons in the past has caused appalling destruction and vandalism of a beautiful natural area.