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WWF led the campaign that secured $223 million in Federal Government investment and $50 million from the Queensland Government
Secured a ban on dumping in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, preventing up to 46 million cubic metres of dredge spoil being dumped in the Reef’s waters
Secured $180 million in Federal Government funding to expand the National Reserve System, Australia’s network of parks, reserves and other protected areas.
The Australian Government announced that more than 80% of Tasmania’s Tarkine region would be protected. This stopped State Government plans to log the Tarkine Rainforest Corridor at the heart of the wilderness area.
In 2007, mining company Marathon Resources announced plans to mine uranium in Arkaroola. With the support of a broad cross section of the community and people from all political persuasions, the Wilderness Society campaigned to protect this amazing place since the moment bulldozers and drilling rigs arrived.