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Fifty-two percent or 4,000 hectares of Bimblebox will be cleared to make way for this massive open cut mine. The remainder of the Nature Refuge will be at risk of subsidence due to underground mining. This campaign calls on the State government to close an environmental offset "loophole".
This campaign focussed on protecting Bimblebox Nature Refuge (QLD) from mining. It also looked at broader protections "Thus our combined efforts to safeguard Bimblebox Nature Refuge need eventually to take this test case to the point where we achieve proper legislation that will protect all high biodiversity value areas in Queensland, not only National Parks."
A local group of the Move Beyond Coal campaign.
Working for food and water security in the face of invasive Coal Seam Gas expansion on the western Darling Downs, QLD.
The Southern Darling Downs in Queensland is a beautiful and highly-productive agricultural area, with the fertile cracking clay soils across much of the region considered some of the best in the World. Southern Downs Protection Group support the communities near us in their endeavours to fight off mining.