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AGL has 17,000 square kilometres of exploration area. The Broke area is only 72 square kilometres. Sydney Gas say that at least 70% of that is unavailable to them because of houses, orchards, vineyards, waterways, etc., so we are only asking that 21 or so square kilometres be protected from their gas field. Please put a sign on your fence.
The coal mined in the Hunter Valley poses serious risks not only for the health and well being of local communities, but also for communities where Hunter Valley coal is burned.
The Hunter Estuary Wetlands is also adjacent to the world's largest coal port, and the threat of expansion of the existing coal terminals puts the future of this precious place at ever-increasing risk... Over the next two days, three Planning Commissioners visit our town to make a decision about whether another coal terminal should be approved for Newcastle.
In response to news reports or events that are linked to climate change, we will be immediately getting out on the street, alone or in groups, to demand swift and decisive response. Using an SMS alert list and social media, we will find each other and express our will to change our ways, stop burning coal and driving climate change. Using the hashtag #ThisIsSerious
The City of Newcastle Council voted last night to focus investments away from environmentally and socially destructive entities, including Australia’s Big Four Banks. With a total investment portfolio of $270 million, the groundbreaking move makes Newcastle the fourth, and largest Council in New South Wales, and the seventh in the country to divest.