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Please contact ASEN now if you wish to contribute to the submission, being prepared in conjunction with NUS, for the current Senate Inquiry into the Hinchinbrrok development. For further details contact Chris Heppel or ASEN Secretariat ASAP.

That the following matters be referred to the Environment, Recreation, Communications and the Arts References Committee for inquiry and report by 30 June 1998:
(1) The relationships between Federal, State and local governments and developers in the Hinchinbrook Channel.
(2) The effect of developments on the environment of the Hinchinbrook Channel and surrounding environs.
(3) Whether governments have met their obligations under the various Acts and agreements that deal with the Hinchinbrook area.
(4) Alternatives to the existing regime.
(5) What lessons have been learned and what can be done to prevent problems like this occurring in the future.

Notice given 7 April 1998

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Politics and Government