Petition: Polluters Must Pay

Frackers are required to offset the emissions they pollute, but currently, the laws leave it vague on who exactly is paying for these offsets. This campaign targeted federal minister Chris Bowen and state/territory climate ministers, demanding that polluters pay for these offsets.
Make fracking companies pay for offsets for the emissions they pollute


Frackers are required to offset the emissions they pollute, but currently, the laws leave it vague on who exactly is paying for these offsets. The frackers reckon the government should pay, and use public money to foot the bill. This means, fossil fuel companies like Tamboran want to frack the NT – and in the process poison ground water, trash land rights, lock in decades of warming – and then use public money to pay for their pollution. Not on our watch. For decades, fossil fuel companies have been getting all kinds of tax breaks and handouts of public money, making record profits by fuelling the climate crisis. Paying for their own pollution is the bare minimum, because let’s be real here, the best way to stop pollution from the Beetaloo is to not frack it. This November, Chris Bowen will bring together climate and energy ministers from every state and territory, and make a decision on who should pay for fracking pollution. Ahead of this meeting, join us to make our demand loud and clear: POLLUTERS MUST PAY.

What’s happening with fracking in the NT
Last year, USA frackers Tamboran Resources took over Origin Energy’s plans to frack the Beetaloo basin in the NT, despite decades of resistance from Traditional Owners, NT locals and young people around the country. Fracking in the NT’s Beetaloo basin would set off a carbon bomb that our climate and communities can’t afford. The pollution from the Beetaloo basin alone would be equal to that of over 50 coal fired power stations! 

Why do frackers want the government to pay?
Fracking for gas releases a huge amount of emissions, and the government has introduced new laws about how these have to be offset. The fossil fuel industry knows it could cost them billions of dollars a year to offset these emissions, making it harder for them to go ahead with their fracking plans. 

Gas companies want to use public money to foot the bill for their dirty pollution, so are trying to pass the costs on to state and federal governments.

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Petition: Polluters Must Pay