Nuclear-Free Future

ASEN is campaigning for a nuclear-free future.
Stop plans to push a nuclear waste dump on Northern Territorians, and engage young people on nuclear issues


Nuclear-Free Future. Climate change is real, it is happening now, and its effects are accelerating. In Australia, the nuclear industry and other pro-nuclear advocates have been quick to reinvent nuclear power as “clean, green and safe and a solution to climate change”… Universities have already shown they are eager to exploit the enthusiasm of the Australian Federal Government to expand the nuclear industry, begging for research and education dollars and positioning science and engineering faculties for increased funding for nuclear research and development. In 2007, we’re launching ASEN report and campaign ‘Opportunities to Waste: Australian Universities and the Nuclear Industry’, examining the role of the university in supporting, legitimising and furthering a nuclear industry in Australia, at the expense of research, development and education in fields of renewable technologies.

We’re also helping organise an amazing speaking tour “From the Heart, for the Heartland” of Traditional Owners from the Northern Territory, from Alice Springs, to Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney in June, supporting and building their campaign to stop plans to push a nuclear waste dump on Northern Territorians. The ASEN Nuclear-Free crew are also excited about engaging young people on nuclear issues, public education, Cycling Against the Nuclear Cycle (, wicked film screenings, radioactive jelly wrestling competitions and more! We’re passionate about building a nuclear-free future with YOU, so get in touch!
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• To get involved in campaigning for a nuclear-free future contact: Holly Creenaune ( 0417 682 541 / [email protected] )

Campaign resources & links
• Download the ASEN Report ‘Opportunities to Waste: Australian Universities and the Nuclear Industry’ here. Read the report online here
• Click here to download the ASEN No Nuclear Broadsheet 2007
• Download an amazing infosheet about the 50th Anniversary of the Maralinga Atomic Tests – September 27, 2006
• Read an article by Mitch, an Eastern Arrernte/Luritja woman from Alice Springs, ‘We Stand Strong as Indigenous People’ (Germinate Article)
• Read the 2006 statement of the Alliance Against Uranium, an Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Alliance
• Join the Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle 2007! See their website here or download their flyer here.
• Click here to download the ASEN No Nuclear Broadsheet 2006
• Read an article here on the Student No Nuclear campaign published in Germinate
• Click here for an article about the current push to expand the nuclear industry in Australia by students from the NSW Student Environment Activist Network
• Click here fom an article by activists in Alice Action about plans to force a radioactive waste dump on the Northern Territory
• Read a first-hand account of the recent Alliance Against Uranium meeting between environmentalists and indigenous people from around the country
• Read a brilliant new publication on Yellowcake: Australian Uranium
• Click here for a blank no nuclear poster to advertise your own event
• Click here to read the August 2006 ASEN Nuclear bulletin
• Click here to read a flyer about Parsons Brinkerhoff’s involvement in the NT waste dump
• Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle 2007

Come and ride with Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle to help make Australia nuclear free.
Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle is a community campaign to raise awareness about and build opposition to the nuclear industry in Australia. We’re converging on Canberra with pedal power to tell the pollies we don’t want a nuclear future! We’re cycling from Rockhampton to Canberra and from Port Augusta to Canberra from late June to early September to make Australia nuclear free. This will be a fantastic way to build positive political change towards a truly sustainable future. We need your ideas, passion and input to organise this event properly; everyone has something to offer. We also need riders, and lots of them! You can join us for as for as long or as little as you like. Don’t be afraid of the distances. There will be riders of all levels of experience and fitness and always someone who is as slow or fast as you. Contact us to find out how you or your group can get involved. Website: Email: [email protected], Evan Wills 0414 604 641, Georgina Pike 0431 303 084.

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Nuclear-Free Future