Fair Trade

This campaign advocates for universities to become Fair Trade universities.
Become a Fair Trade University


“Fair Trade” is a movement to provide fair returns for farmers in the developing world who are otherwise powerless in the face of the unfair global trading system. Click here for a downloadable (PDF) file with more information on how to effectively campaign for Fair Trade (link is still available on the Wayback Machine https://web.archive.org/web/20050615115943/http://www.unistudent.com.au/student/files/oxfamstudentsguide.pdf)

Why Fair Trade Universities?
Consumer choice
There are large numbers of consumers at every university. During the often-hectic work schedules that most students and lecturers endure, large quantities of tea, coffee and chocolate are consumed on a daily basis. By building awareness among consumers of the inequalities of trade, and the implications of their buying decisions, Fair Trade empowers people to challenge the ways trade works: every member of a university can make socially responsible choices.

Education and Empowerment
Becoming a Fair Trade University will also help to promote cultural and social awareness among the students and staff through:
• the increased understanding of how our actions can affect people thousands of miles away;
• the education regarding different cultures and societies that knowledge of Fair Trade issues brings;
• the increased feeling of unity between students and staff as consumers and Fair Trade producers.

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Campaign Details

Group Leading this Campaign: Australian Student Environment Network

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Campaign Ran From: 2005 to 2006

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Fair Trade