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This national 2022-23 campaign called on the federal government to reform the Safeguard Mechanism, and set strong emissions limits on Australia’s biggest fossil fuel polluters. Several groups around the country participated in the campaign. See a similar campaign entry for Climate Counci of Australia.
The Walk Against Warming campaign gave people an opportunity to demonstrate that, twelve months since last year's federal election, you still care about climate change and expect our Prime Minister to do more to reduce Australia's greenhouse emissions.
This campaign run by Climate Council with Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action calls on the Alanese Government to paue all polluting fossil fuel project approvals until our national environment law is strong.
What started as an Aussie grassroots movement has grown into the world’s biggest movement for climate change. Our actions on climate change will shape the future for our children.
This unique and spectacular marine environment is under threat, with plans to turn the Great Australian Bight into an oil field. We’re taking it straight to the top, with a petition aimed at the Prime Minister calling on him to ban oil and gas development in the Great Australian Bight—now and into the future.